COVID-19 Update: June 24

 While some states continue to see progress, coronavirus cases are surging in parts of the South and West as well as in other countries. This rise comes as more cities and states reopen restaurants and businesses. In Tennessee, reporting shows the virus is worse than at any previous point in the pandemic. According to the Tennessean, "As of [...]

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COVID-19 Update: June 17

 A new modeling report from Vanderbilt University Medical Center finds that hospitalization rates in the state have risen since early June and are currently at their highest point in the pandemic. According to the report, "Tennessee has seen increases in hospitalized COVID-19 patients concentrated in particular regions, namely the Memphis Delta and Southeast Tennessee region that includes [...]

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COVID-19 Update: June 10

According to a Tennessean report, the number of Tennesseans “actively infected” with coronavirus increased by 42% since a low point last month as hospitalizations also rose. A spokesperson for the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force said they expected to see the increase as businesses reopened, adding, “Thus far the rise is manageable and the rate of [...]

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COVID-19 Update: June 3

In the Volunteer State, Governor Bill Lee announced a $200 million relief program for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. “The COVID-19 pandemic has created immense economic pain across our state and especially among small businesses that faced temporary closure,” Lee said in a statement Tuesday. “As we responsibly steward our federal stimulus money we have [...]

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COVID-19 Update: May 27

Previously reported data from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases study of remdesivir was publicly released over the weekend. According to the preliminary report, remdesivir shortened recovery time from 15 days to 11 days in hospitalized patients. On Tuesday, Merck announced it is developing two different vaccines for COVID-19. The drugmaker is also licensing an oral [...]

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COVID-19 Update: May 20

On Monday Moderna announced that a preliminary test in eight healthy volunteers was safe and effective against the virus. Moderna is one of eight drug makers who have begun testing their vaccine candidate in humans. Meanwhile, Gilead increased its donation of the COVID-19 drug remdesivir for U.S. hospitals to 940,000 vials.Below, we highlight COVID-19 updates and developments from our members and [...]

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COVID-19 Update: May 13

New research from Vanderbilt University predicts the outbreak will plateau in Tennessee at the current rate of 300 hospitalizations. Interestingly, Tennessee looks to be an outlier state with “a dramatically lower rate of hospitalization and death than the national average.” For the latest tracking of COVID-19 in Tennessee, click here.Tennessee made national news this week following reports that private [...]

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COVID-19 Update: May 6

New signs of hope emerged last week when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved emergency use of remdesivir as a treatment for patients severely ill with COVID-19. Dr. Mark Denison of Vanderbilt University is one of the researchers who discovered remdesivir’s potential. According to a report in The New York Times, “The story of remdesivir’s rescue [...]

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COVID-19 Update: April 29

With the exception of some large counties, this week some restaurants and businesses across Tennessee were allowed to reopen with a set of guidelines. Governor Lee, the Unified Command Group (UCG) and Tennessee’s Economic Recovery Group (ERG), along with input from health experts, state and local partners and business and industry leaders, developed the “Tennessee [...]

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COVID-19 Update: April 22

On Monday, Governor Bill Lee announced he would let his current order expire on April 30 and allow some businesses across the state to open May 1. However, Davidson, Shelby, Madison, Hamilton, Knox and Sullivan counties—who operate their own health departments—will plan their own reopen strategies. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate passed a $484 billion relief package Tuesday that would [...]

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