Life Science Reports and Data

Life Science Tennessee is a leading source for industry research and data. With access to industry representation of all stages, we frequently survey our membership to produce quality reports and recommendations on the growth of Tennessee’s life science sector. Below are several of our published reports.

Tennessee State Bioscience Industry Report January 2022 Tennessee’s bioscience industry has grown its employment base by 7 percent since 2018 and reached more than 44,000 total jobs in 2021 across 2,899 state business establishments. Four of the five industry subsectors in the state have increased employment and contributed to the overall job gains… TN-BIO2022 – state profile (11)
How states can grow Bioscience Sectors June 2023 As the nation emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Biosciences industry continues to illustrate its value through advancements in biomedical, energy, and advanced food and industrial technologies, along with an expanding mix of employment opportunities with incomes that support a quality standard of living… BIO_CSBA_Best_Practices_Report_2023
IRA’s Impact on the US Biopharma Ecosystem June 2023 Vital Transformation (VT) modeled and estimated the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) pricing provisions for a cohort of the top 200 Part B and D drugs by CMS spend, resulting in 92 drugs impacted by IRA in the next 10 years, which are produced, collectively, by 41 biopharmaceutical companies… IRA’s Impact on the US Biopharma Ecosystem
The State of Emerging Therapeutic Companies June 2023 State_of_Industry_Report_v2