Life Science Reports and Data

Life Science Tennessee is a leading source for industry research and data. With access to industry representation of all stages, we frequently survey our membership to produce quality reports and recommendations on the growth of Tennessee’s life science sector. Below are several of our published reports.

Angel Funding ReportFebruary 2018The Angel Funding in Life Science in Tennessee report is a joint effort between LST and Waller. The report, which surveyed member companies from around the state, sheds light on current trends with angel investing and opportunities for angel funding advancement.Download
Access to Capital ReportOctober 2016This report describes the opportunities and challenges in the growth of the life science industry in Tennessee. Based on extensive research, including surveying of best practices by other states in the Southeast and dialogue with stakeholders throughout the state, the report offers three recommendations that we believe would make the greatest contribution to the growth of the life science economy in Tennessee.Download
State of Entrepreneurship Report2014Baker Donelson and Life Science Tennessee’s “State of Entrepreneurship Report” highlights the challenges and opportunities that face life science industry professionals working to commercialize scientific discoveries, secure private and public investment, build a high-quality workforce and grow successful life science businesses by using objective data and the opinions of thought leaders throughout Tennessee.Download
Targeted For Growth Industry Report2013The “Targeted for Growth” report overviews the life science industry in our state. The details of the report focus on the industry’s four main sectors — research, testing and medical laboratories, agricultural feedstock and biofuels, drugs and pharmaceuticals and medical devices and equipment.Download
Workforce Development ReportJune 2012A survey of LST members revealed a significant skills gap in the current workforce. This report overviews the survey’s findings and outlines solutions for developing a more robust workforce.Download
TennovationsFebruary 2012Tennessee’s life science industry is saving and improving lives. The professionals in our industry are fostering innovation and directing cutting edge science. These Tennessee scientists and industry leaders are the next pioneers in medical breakthroughs. What follows are snapshots into just a few of the daily activities and innovations of our industry.Download
Technology Transfer in Tennessee2012In his first State of the State Address, Governor Haslam said, “universities should work together with the private sector to find ways to effectively translate the investment in ongoing research into business.” In response to this call to action, Life Science Tennessee released a report on technology transfer in Tennessee which provides recommendations for improving the current process.Download