Welcome new Life Science Tennessee member, Daxor! We asked Michael Feldschuh, CEO and President of Daxor Corporation, to talk about the company’s innovative manufacturing and how better information can lead to better healthcare outcomes.

Tell us about Daxor.

Daxor is an innovative medical diagnostics company focused on blood volume measurement technology.  We manufacture in Tennessee and market our flagship BVA-100® (Blood Volume Analyzer), a diagnostic blood test that measures intravascular blood volume and is used in leading medical centers across the country to significantly improve outcomes in heart failure and critical care, saving patients’ lives and reducing healthcare costs.

How do you define the “life sciences?”

Life sciences deal with biological systems and are focused on understanding or improving care at either the systemic or patient level.  We are focused on how innovative diagnostics allow healthcare teams to optimize care by individualizing treatment strategies—resulting in improved outcomes in the human healthcare system from the patient upwards.

Why are you a member of Life Science Tennessee? 

We are excited to be part of the community of innovative healthcare companies from the great state of Tennessee; we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others in our space from the surrounding area.

Where do you think there is the most energy and opportunity in Tennessee for life science innovations? 

Technology focused on improving care that is also affordable in cost will lead to the greatest value for our healthcare system.  Knowledge is power, and innovation focused on better patient information whether it is at the molecular or systemic level as blood volume analysis provides in humans, is a tremendous opportunity going forward.

On a (slightly) lighter note, what is the first thing you did (or plan to do) post pandemic?

We look forward to seeing and supporting our healthcare users in the field with in-person visits.  We miss the interactions with physicians and nurses, their enthusiasm and stories of how our technology is helping them to improve and save lives.  This fuels our passion for what we do.