Tell us about General Graphene Corporation.

General Graphene Corporation is a pure-play CVD graphene foundry based in Knoxville TN specializing in industrial-scale mass production. Graphene is a material that lies at the intersection of biology and technology, and we are committed to collaborating with partners in the biotechnology industry to assist in the development of novel graphene-based solutions that can help build a healthier planet.

How do you define the “life sciences?”

We view life sciences as an intersection between a variety of disciplines and fields to conceptualize and develop unique solutions that create a positive health impact.

Why are you a member of Life Science Tennessee? 

We are grateful to be part of the ever-expanding healthcare ecosystem in Tennessee, and look forward to meet and collaborate with companies across the state. We are also looking to spread more awareness on the usage and benefits of graphene for various biotechnology applications, with a focus on point-of-care diagnostics and the world of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Where do you think there is the most energy and opportunity in Tennessee and your region for life science innovations?

With many research institutions, renowned universities, and medical centers, we see Nashville as an area with significant opportunity for life science innovations and growth in fields such as medical diagnostics, personalized medicine, and rare disease therapeutics.

On a (slightly) lighter note, what is your favorite place to visit in the state of Tennessee?

Our favorite place to visit in the state of Tennessee are the Great Smoky Mountains, and we feel fortunate to be less than an hour away as the mountains offer us a great escape to recharge amidst our graphene pursuits.

 To learn more about General Graphene, please visit their official website here.