Tell us about VoluMetrix.

VoluMetrix is a Nashville-based company developing products leveraging non-invasive venous waveform analysis. We are currently developing our first product, NIVAHF, a device designed to provide a pulmonary capillary wedge pressure equivalent for patients with heart failure. There is a tremendous amount of information embedded in the venous waveform that can provide key parameters with the goal to improve care, quality of life and reduce the cost burden on the healthcare system.

How do you define the “life sciences?”

We define life sciences as the study of life and anything surrounding the human condition. At VoluMetrix, we focus on the study of physiology within life sciences and the fundamental mechanisms in the human body and how they interact.

Why are you a member of Life Science Tennessee? 

We are excited to be part of the burgeoning healthcare ecosystem in Tennessee. We look forward to meeting and collaborating with companies across the state.

Where do you think there is the most energy and opportunity in Tennessee for life science innovations?

There is a great deal of energy around innovation to improve quality of life and expand access to care beyond the hospital. At VoluMetrix we celebrate this shift and are dedicated to empowering patients and improving quality of life with future devices that span the care continuum.

On a (slightly) lighter note, what is the first thing you did (or plan to do) now that many pandemic restrictions have lifted?

We recently attended LSTCON and LaunchTN Innovation Week. This is the first event we have attended since the start of the pandemic. It was energizing to be back in person and in the presence of great leaders in the industry.

These responses were courtesy of Annie Alves, the chief operating officer of VoluMetrix. To learn more about VoluMetrix, please visit their official website here.

Pictured above: VoluMetrix NIVA technology (Non-Invasive Venous waveform Analysis)