Join Life Science Tennessee to advocate for state and national policies that help build our industry in Tennessee and expand our reach across the world. Today, the life science industry in Tennessee employs more than 40,000 people at an average wage of $103,000 per year.

Together the life science industry is one of the most compelling and important industries in our state and our nation. We create and deliver cutting edge advances in health care; we bring fuel for our industrial economy; and we support advances in plant and animal technology to bring food for a growing and healthier world population.

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Leading Policy Agenda Item

Recognize the Importance and Value of Medical Innovation

New therapies for advancements in personalized medicine, vaccines and pain management are curing previously incurable diseases and transforming care delivery to patients. The innovations limit the growth of health care costs overall by effectively treating patients and minimalizing hospitalizations. Many companies in our state research and develop these life-saving therapies, while providing high-paying jobs to Tennesseans.

We must continue to support the industry that brings cures to the market and also support the accessibility of these medicines and therapies to patients.

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